Weight-loss Challenge in full swing

One week is in the books for our weightloss challenge.  We started with 44 participants that took the challenge to get 1% healthier each day for the next 30 days.  The first week weigh-in and body analysis is already showing some pretty amazing results.  One participant already added 1lb of lean muscle mass and dropped 1% body fat!!!!  In a WEEK!  All he is doing is following exactly what our comprehensive program layed out for him.  No guess work needed.  He has his exercise plan in place just 12 minutes a day, his meals are planned out for him and include a full grocery list and he is also correcting his nervous system which helping his body function optimally.

Just like our last winner who lost 19lbs in 28 days and has continued on his path of weightloss and body transformation, it is so simple when you just follow the plan.  During our last challenge we also had 3 people that were able to come off medications as their bodies started functioning better.  So many great testimonials to share of people taking charge of their health and their life.  I look forward to sharing them with you over the next few weeks as more and more keep happening.

Be Well,

Dr. Tim